15/12 – Julrusch!

15 december, 2014

Julruschen har börjat! Iallafall för mig! så roligt att ha en online shop! Det blir mycket jobb men samtidigt är det så spännande! Min webbsida ger mig så mycket energi och jag får en galet bra motivation. Motivation för att fortsätta träna, tävla, komma mer och mer in i denna branschen! www.sweetnsweat.se Under tävlingen dieten […]

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Den 29 november gjorde jag min första tävling i Bikini Fitness! Efter att jag steg upp på scenen för första gången kände jag: Det här vill jag göra igen! Tyvärr domarna tyckte att jag var för muskulös och jag fick tyvärr inte gå vidare till nästa rond! Den stunden jag var på scenen kändes väldigt […]

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9/11 – Dream BIG!

9 november, 2014

I entered the fitness world 3 years ago without knowing that a lot of good stuffs would follow in it! I found a great gym (Progym in Stockholm) with great people, I met a great coach that really love, he’s always here for me, listens to me and most of all teaches me a lot […]

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15/10 – My supplements!

15 oktober, 2014

Hi everyone, 6 weeks out to Lucia and I feel great! A lot of my friends and followers (Facebook: Soria Wirstam’s Bikini Fitness Journey) often ask me what kind of supplements I take and here below I put a sum up of what I take! These are by the way the most used sports supplements! […]

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Today I spent a little more time in the kitchen cooking AND baking some healthy coconut vanilla cupcakes! For the muffins: 2dl oat 3 egg whites 30g coconut flour 2dl almond milk 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 2 scoops vanilla protein powder For the frosting: 200g Cream cheese 3%fat 1tsp Stevia http://www.mmsports.se/Halsokost/Livsmedel/Soma-Nordic-Steviosa-Steviapulver.html […]

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Today I am going to talk about an important topic when it comes to working out: MOTIVATION! Because there are many and everyone has its own motivation(s). Motivation is a really important factor when you want to achieve your fitness goal! And fortunatelly there are many kinds of motivation: PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: Being healthy and fit […]

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13/7 – My supplements!

13 juli, 2014

Of course, nothing will take the place of eating a good and healthy diet. But taking quality supplements can go along way towards helping you maintain a better level of health. Eat well + Be active + Supplement = Good results The first supplement I take is protein powder, it’s so convenient you can take […]

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Summer is here and I am going to spend 10 days in France and visit my family but the problem is that there is no gym so I am going to take a break from it while I am there and enjoy outdoor workouts instead! These are what I am planning to do: Head out […]

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Hi everyone, I often get compliments about my body which makes me really glad! My friends and followers are amazed about the transformation I made since I started to lift! I workout (cardio, strength training) 5-6 times a week and allow myself 1-2 rest days per week. But I wanted to write that topic to […]

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Protein powder is beneficial when you are active but fortunately you don’t have to use it only in your shakes! If you are creative, you can make differents recipes! I personally love to experiment and make awesome snacks! Here is how I use my protein powder! In my postworkout shake! I drink my Whey protein […]

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