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Long time, no posts. Sometimes you just get stressed in life, and in my case I have suffered from energy drainage in combination with working 29 hours in two days due to a very interesting scientific conference that we arranged for researchers in the Nordic countries. I love my work and it’s definitely worth the […]

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18/2 – Trance & Booty call

18 februari, 2015

  As my nickname suggests I’m a girl that really loves trance For me it is the perfect cardio, and this past weekend gave me the opportunity not only once, but twice to dance for four hours straight! So after a long week of work and hitting the gym I celebrated Valentine’s Day on the […]

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I finally got my team clothes and my cat Biceps approved 😀     My favorite is surprisingly not the pink one, but the scull hoodie <3 Last Friday I went to see an old colleague of mine hold her dissertation to become a doctor in molecular biotechnology. It was very interesting since two of […]

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2/2 – Here we go :D

2 februari, 2015

My name is Johanna, but most people call me Joey Here I’ll document my journey towards my dreams, with a twist of trance and science I would like to thank my coach Kristian Sewén for letting me become a proud member of the Body Science/MM Sports family since last week as well as Tim Nygren […]

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