2 februari, 2015
2 februari, 2015

I can’t say that I was always a sports buff but I was a very active child. My real encounter with sports though was more during the college years. While studying Marketing for my masters degree and at the same time working (funnily enough for the Swedish brand H&M) I developed a not very healthy lifestyle. You know how it is…being young, partying and then catching up the nutrition deficit with fast food, since cooking is out of question due to being hungover after only a few hours to sleep. Anyway, we’ve all been there and done that, but one thing led to another and one day looking at the scale (and the mirror) I was not happy and I’m not talking about “these jeans do not go with this shirt” unhappy, but “these jeans don’t fit on this ass” unhappy. Something had to change…

Most of the transformation stories that I’ve heard or read started with a wake up call. A stupid remark or a dress that didn’t fit anymore but was usually two sizes bigger. For me the final push was this picture from holidays…
Old me

Little, skinny Daniela suddenly had a waist of 112 cm, 62 kg and the stores “L” section was becoming a second home. Most of the people around me wouldn’t say that this is bad, and it wasn’t. I was not obese but that picture hit the sweet spot and first thing I did was signing up for a spinning class. I got addicted really fast and the kilos started to slowly disappear. Spinning was a great social club for me. A lot of ladies, being there for the same reason and that’s where the first indications came that food is a major contributor to what is happening to your body. Little tips here and there that we exchanged with the girls, mostly fueled by the conventional media that has a very strange idea sometimes on a healthy diet, were a good start. In the same gym one day I met one very sporty, energetic and funny girl that was working there as a PT. Her name was Boba and she introduced a whole new world to me. We became close friends and when we didn’t talk about life it was sports, gym, nutrition and working out. I have to give great thanks to Boba because she was the one who set this little heart on fire for bikini fitness as well. First it started with admiration of girls like Bella Falconi, Andreia Brazier or Nathalia Melo. Looking at their pics, soaking in the motivation and wishing I got abs of Andrea, Natalia’s but and Bellas legs.



It all seamed so unattainable back then and after a year or so I met the next person that opened a whole new world for me. It was actually a very old friend with whom I’ve lost touch over the years in which he as well gained some serious mass, not of fat, but muscle as he was an amateur bodybuilder. His name was Milos…TO BE CONTINUED




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